Tridente end of the year was a whole success at CPhI 2018


The event CPhI Worldwide 2018 has been one of the biggest trade shows celebrated in Spain during 2018 with more than 2,500 companies and 45,000 visitors. This was the most important event in the pharmaceutical sector and Tridente Image Builders had an important presence in it with 8 stands having in total more than 650 m2.

Take now a look at some of those amazing booths

Intas / Accord / Lambda

Intas, Accord Healthcare and Lambda are 3 pharmaceutical companies owned by the Indian multinational Intas Pharmaceuticals, focused on research, development and commercialization of a wide range of pharmaceutical products.

During this edition, the 3 companies shared a same stand with a 300 m2 ground floor and second floor with 60 m2. The design team created a cozy, stylish and clean booth with open spaces which offered to the visitors an easy way to go in. Furthermore, it had a spectacular 295 m2 ceiling and a modern elegant welcome counter.

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Solvias offers services, products and technology in the analysis, chemical and biopharmaceutical development field.

The company had a 36 m2 space at CPhI 2018 where it wished to show the same corporate branding of previous years through a new stand offering a new design, with a modern and a clean approach. Doing so, they showed to the visitors the quality and innovation that this company shares.

Some of the graphics from previous years were reused in order to reduce waste and production costs, increasing the sustainability of this stand and the environment commitment.

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Pharmex Advanced Laboratories works to improve the life quality trough a good nutrition and increasing the access to an innovative healthcare, having a high sustainable environmental commitment as well.

In its 58 m2 space a stand was built using light and reusable materials, reducing as much as possible the waste and the quantity of CO2 needed during transport, assembling and disassembling. The stand had a welcome area and another one to exhibit prodcuts, besides a meeting space, a glazed office, bar area for catering and a small storage.

This stand, among the most sustainable ones, had a 85% recycling rate.

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Leca Graphics is a company which develops packaging for two areas in the pharmaceutical business: medicines and fragrances. In this congress they had a 23.5 m2 space where two objectives had to be achieved, to show a new corporate image and exhibit their products.

We designed an open stand with a clean atmosphere, modern, having white tones and offering easy access. It had a lounge area, a welcome counter and an exhibit area.

Moreover, the stand structure is fully reusable in future events in Spain or other countries, reducing costs in the company trade show strategy.

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